Monday, 26 August 2013

the meaning of blogging

Blogging is a short word for weblog.It is an online journal or diary  in which the owner of the blog [blogger] shares his thoughts and ideas.Blogging is very popular today because it allows people to interact with each other.They do this through the comments.Some blogs like have readers interacting actively with each other through the comments on her posts.

Blogs are created for different purposes.It can created for the purpose of  the fun.Blogs are also created for the purpose of making money.There are different ways through which people make money on their blog.It can be through affiliate marketing,google adsense,advert placement.But before one starts making money on his blog,there is one task he has to carry out for that to happen.This task will determine how much one is going to make on his blog.This key factor to consider is all about TRAFFIC GENERATION.I ll talk about that later in my future blog posts....

Blogging is very popular today because it allows people to interact with each other. Blogging has also become a popular search engine optimization (SEO) tool because search engines like Google and Yahoo know that a blog is frequently updated with content or visitor comments, so their spiders visit blogs frequently looking for new content to include in their index.
Additionally, blog content can be delivered automatically via electronic RSS (Really Simple Syndication) data feeds. Visitors subscribe to a blog's feeds in order to stay up to date with content that's being posted on subjects that interest them. Blog feeds are then read by what's known as blog feed reader software, widely available for free, so users can scan for recent blog posts of interest on the blogs to which they subscribe.
Finally, blogging doesn't require that writers and contributors know a lot about HTML (Web page code). If a blogger or visitor can fill in an online form, they can blog and post comments on other blogs...

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