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Effective blog traffic generation:The power of backlinks

Let me guess, you are looking for a way to rank high in google.Have you ever checked your page rank in google and found out that its very poor? And you start nurturing the idea to quit blogging.If you've gone through aforementioned experience and you've done all your possible best to get your blog rank high in googe,just sit back and read this post carefully.Getting a high page rank in google requires some easy things from you.These easy things are mostly ignored by most bloggers and that's why they are still where they are today.Stuck at the bottom! So what do you do to get a rank well on google?

Not a whole lot of people know this little trick. Ever see an article, or a
blog post that outranks another one, when this article has less page rank, less
backlinks, and less keyword density than the other?

I bet you did see it… but you probably don’t mind it since you don’t
understand it.
You see… google revolves around relevancy.
That’s why they’re so successful in the first place. They want to give
their users the stuff that they want to find, the stuff that is the most
relevant to their search phrases.

So here the few things you've been ignoring or overlooking that you got to try out and see the results on your blog.

  • Backlinking: lots of backlinkings to a blog shows google that the site is a great one.It gives them the impression that the blog has quality contents that the readers share to get its backlinks pasted everywhere.Lots of backlinking shows them that the blog is probably good since it  has its contents shared everywhere.
  • Keyword density: repeated keywords in an article or blog shows google that the blog is based on that keyword and will help increase the page rank.Whenever these keywords are searched on google,your blog will be a major reference to them as a result of the high density of that keyword on your blog.
  • Use of Keyword in the title, description, and other places: have you ever asked yourself why the blogs that rank high in google are not those that post regularly on their blog?Although posting regularly drives traffic but the king of traffic generation is KEYWORD. One may wonder why i'm over emphasizing this particular point.Keyword in the title, description, and other places, will show
    google even more that the article is related to that keyword. It’ll
    be relevant to return that article in the search results for that keyword.

    Alright, I bet you already knew that stuff, but not a whole lot of people
    know this stuff that I’m going to share right now…
    Google is NOT stupid, and they know that Internet Marketers can game the system
    by adding backlinks, writing the article with good keyword density and
    stuff like that.
    And guess what? Google doesn’t like that! They don’t want to have
    their search results manipulated by Internet Marketers for their own financial gain.
    They want everything to look natural.

    Now how can they do that? How can they stop Internet Marketers from
    manipulating their search results? Well the truth is, they can’t, and
    they know they can’t

     Any kind of system can be manipulated, because in the end, the
    human mind is superior...So google can do nothing about it...

    A naturally written article will usually have related keywords along with
    a keyword.
    But an article written by the average Internet Marketer will usually have good
    keyword density… and little to no related keywords at all.
    See what I mean? Make it look natural… just write a decent article,
    with decent keyword density, with some related keywords in it.
    Trust me when I say that you’ll have a much better chance to
    dominate google if you follow these guidelines.

    I’ve seen PR0 blogs that dominate google for a moderate-competition
    keyword with a PR0 Webpage! Yes… they manage to beat other blogs using these techniques!

    Now that you've known the key thing your blog needs for high page ranking,go on and give it a try because a stitch in time saves nine..... Never mind me with that idiom just my first time.
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