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5 killer way to write a good blog post:how to write a blog

You mind be wondering or thinking of different effective means of writing a good and captivating blog post that guarantees you success in the blogosphere.Blogging is a good means through one can pass his messages on to other people.You must have a reason to blog and the reason is: Either you want make money or want to share your views and contribute something valuable to the blogging world.
You must give your readers a compelling reason to return to your blog again, again and again.
There are many ways to do this, either by having a sales page or landing page and turning your visitors into subscribers etc. But the best way to make your readers come back to your blog is: write the content which is unbeatable and unforgettable - this way you can make your posts go viral.

Keep in mind that your readers will come back to you only when they have some benefits from your blog. The more benefits you provide – the more traffic you will get, it’s as simple as that!. How do you blog?
Although some people blog to make money,some do it just for the fun.Most of you must have been just like me,making a blog and start posting contents on it without knowing the killer ways of structuring the blog post for satisfaction of your readers.I was in that trap too but i later found a great way of structuring a blog post to make it captivating...


1.Decide on a topic to blog about

It’s the master plan of making a  killer post. You have to be strategic to be a successive professional blogger. You need to have not just knowledge but high valued information on what you are going to write. People love information and content worth reading.Most bloggers start blogging just for making money and they pick a topic which they know pays high commission or the niche they choose is current hot and high paying niche which can make them most money, but they don’t have passion about those topics.This is the sure fire way to make your blog a failure because you are not going to stick with the topic and when you do not enjoy what you are writing about, then you better quit it.  3 tips to avoid choosing the wrong topic:
  • Don’t choose a topic that is popular but you know nothing about
  • Avoid choosing a topic you see others are making money with
  • Do not choose a topic that someone else recommended it to you 
2. Research truthfully on the topic

after deciding on a topic to blog about,the next step to follow is to research truthfully on the topic.Researching the topic simply means getting informations about thew topic.
Keyword Research is the first thing you need to do on this process. Use the Google Search Suggestions, Insights, Adwords and other keyword tools. The Google is a great resource.
What you need to do is, find what do people search for. Pick out the popular queries by researching and asking your fellows. Long Tail Keywords are most effective for Search Engine Optimization. Note them down and proceed.
Online Research
Online Research
Research The Successive. Confused. You won’t be.
You are gonna have to throw up your keywords using Google Search and open up all the blog posts you see interesting or relevant on the list.
Go through the best of those articles and find out their secret recipes. Analyze the URL, keywords, sub headings/headlines and content.

3.Write a rich content

'content is king'.This is a common language of all bloggers.Make your content easy to read and share by the reader.In order to write a good blog content,you need to avoid grammatical errors,write skillfully and perfectly although none is perfect but God.Include main keywords in your article. Don’t forget to Optimize your blog posts for search engines.Try not to write everything in a go. Fragment your article and make it easier for your readers to go through.

4.Add relevant images to make your post lively

Don’t forget the saying that a picture tells thousand words. Add relevant images on your blog and optimize your images for search engines.Pictures also make your blog post lively.most readers don't stay long on a black and white blog post without getting bored.After adding relevant images,the next and final step is to proof read it.

5.Proofread your post before publishing

Once you've finished writing, don’t just click the ‘PUBLISH’ button. You haven’t actually ‘FINISHED’ it.There could be grammatical errors which could discourage the reader from going further with the postSo, find time to Proofread it. Slow down a bit and start reading from the top. Keep your patience and find out if there is any grammar mistakes or errors.

Now that you've gone this blog post,i,m sure you,re satisfied with it.Contribute to the topic by commenting and sharing other tips which you use that works well for you... like our facebook page  follow us on twitter

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