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Had it been that Hemingway was around today,he would have approved some basic writing tips which guarantees success in the blogosphere.his pattern of writing is such that makes his writings digestible and easy to understand.
His writings are in a prose-like manner and are made up of short sentences..Here the 5 writing tips i'm sure Hemingway would have approved had it been he was alive;

1.short sentences are key
hemingway made it clear to us that one of the major secrets to a good blog post was the use of short sentences.Short sentences are great keys to a successful blog post because it would make your readers not to bored while reading your blog post.It gives the readers what they are looking for without getting stressed  by going through a chain of complex sentences to find them.Hemingway was fond of short clear sentences and thought little of elaborate language.
You belong to me and all Paris belongs to me and I belong to this notebook and this pencil.” Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast.
Your writing should be similarly straight to the point as an online audience won’t hesitate to leave your webpage with a click once they get bored or confused by your language.

2.Brief clear introduction
the things one wants to pass acrross through his blog should be introduced briefly as this will ensure that the readers donjt get bored reading your post.brief clear introduction is one of major keys that  makes a blog interesting and reader would love to read 4 paragraphs while he can get the same information in 4 sentences. In marketing, time is money, and reading time is something that people are less likely to extend solely for your long elaborate blog post.

3.Research the truth
Hemingway wanted to find the truth within stories, and his research heavily drove his writing pursuits. Research is vital to writing truthfully, and this should always be your priority as a blogger.
If you want to move people with your message, then you must convince your audience of the truth in your writing. Hemingway also wasn’t a fan of adjectives, and bloggers who use words like ‘great, exciting, amazing, etc.’ tend to betray their creative insecurities. These words detract from your message instead of adding value so beware the verbose adjectival pitfall

4.a specific topic of speciality
You can’t write about all of your knowledge in one blog post. Your purpose should be to educate and convince people, and you should always have material left for another time. Never give away all your secrets as this will shorten the lifespan of your blog, and leave you with no material to keep writing about. The trouble is figuring out what the right balance should be. How much is too little, or too much? Evaluate your topic to see how much information should be included in one post and try to stick to a consistent word count as well.
5.write habitually
Writing effectively means that you form a habit of doing it everyday. This is difficult for most people, but if you train yourself it will undoubtedly become easier. Hemingway typically wrote about 500 words a day from daybreak till noon, and tried not to think about his writing until the next day.
Hemingway’s habit had a twofold benefit. First, the morning is a good time to write because your mind is fresh and the day’s distractions are limited. Second, leaving your writing aside for the afternoon allows you to digest and process what you write, while you focus on other important things. You will find your afternoon workload lighter because you already accomplished so much, and may get more ideas from subconsciously digesting what you wrote earlier.
Stick to these simple little tips and you will ensure that your writing style stays clear and concise for your readers to enjoy.

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