Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The meaning of blog commenting

Have you ever visited a blog  and saw posts by the readers below the blog post,probably you are thinking of what it is?It's called blog commenting.Blog comments are replies or words or suggestions dropped at the foot of a blog post.Commenting on a blog is a way through which you communicate with the author of the post.Blog comments is the life wire of a successful blog.Show me a successful blogger and i'll show you a blog where the readers interact actively though the blog comments.

There are many purposes for which the blog comments serve.Comments are life wires of a blog,contributes to the valuable information in the blog,separates a blog from a static website,builds the relationship between the blogger and the readers.

  1. life wires of a blog : comments are the life wires of a good blog.They are the life wire in the sense that they make the blog lively and not dull to the readers.It shows the readers that other readers also get informations from the blog.People who want to place adverts on a blog also make judge the blog through it's rate of active comments.
  2.  contributes to the valuable information on the blog  : blog comments is also a safe way through which the readers can contribute to an existing post on the blog.Assuming the blogger makes mistake like grammatical errors,one can call the him to action by commenting on the post with the error as his main idea.
  3. builds the relationship between the blogger and the readers : blog comments also builds the relationship between the blogger and the readers.It helps in building the trust the readers have for the blogger as people do drop testimonies on the impact the blog had on them.
Now that you've known the meaning of blog comments and its purpose,you can go on and give it a try by commenting on this post.Waiting for the first comment....

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